LP Smartside Siding

Benefits of LP SmartSide House Siding

All house siding is definitely not the same. Inferior siding replacement products are easily damaged, fade over time, and do nothing to help with energy efficiency.

And then there is LP SmartSide siding.

Our siding professionals are proud to offer this premium product that’s known to deliver many benefits:

The Look of Wood

This siding is made from strands of wood to faithfully mimic the look of natural wood.

Fewer Seams

We can complete this siding installation using lengths of up to 16 feet. That means fewer seams and greater durability.

Impact Resistance

From golf balls to hail, LP SmartSide siding resists damage from flying debris far better than most other materials.

Fast Installation

The lighter weight and other factors allow us to complete your siding installation more quickly than is possible with some other products.

Environmentally Preferred

This siding is fabricated with wood in accordance with processes approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Impressive Warranty

LP SmartSide comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty, for an investment that’s protected for decades.

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